A Fieldtrip to Ruhr University Bochum

On Monday, 17th January, the English class of year 10, led by Mrs. Schielke and Ms. Leonard, went on a fieldtrip to the University in Bochum. After they had arrived, the students were welcomed by PhD candidate Ms. Werner who works at said university. After a short introduction the students were parted into three groups. Each group individually worked on small projects centered around the topic of going abroad. The groups were led by students attending courses at the university. They were very friendly and always ready to help. One group created short informative videos about the US, Australia and New Zealand. Another group worked on websites centered around the question what one can do when going abroad. The third group recorded a few podcasts, in which the students interviewed people about their thoughts and experiences with going abroad.

              Ricarda Rademacher (EF)