A Visit from Scunthorpe

For more than ten years the GiL has had an exchange with St.Bede’s College in Scunthorpe. So, in order to stay in touch and to form new bonds, 45 students from St.Bede’s paid us a visit last thursday. They took time off during their short trip through Germany to get a feeling for German school life.

They spent the 5th period visiting mainly English classes, talking about the differences of German and English schools and reading some Tennessee Williams. A group also joined a history class‘ trip to the pedestrian precinct of Marl-Hüls, where they visited the „Stolpersteine„, which are part of an art project by Gunter Demnig commemorating the victims of National Socialism.

After lunch at our canteen, the students met with 45 German students and engaged in an „intercultural speed dating“. In three rooms English and German students sat face-to-face, chatted and changed seats at the sound of a bell. They mingled for an hour and, we hope, made some interesting aquaintances. Afterwards they dug into the sweets each group had brought for an English-German junk food buffet, before we had to say good-bye again and send them on their way back to Cologne.

Thank you very much for the visit and the good time!

Also thanks to all the staff who helped making this run so smoothly.