The Shakespeare in all of us! We need YOU!

 Dear GiL-students,

 You are interested in the English language, the great English writer Shakespeare or love and hate poems? Well, lucky you! We, Mr. Friedrich’s and Ms. Dachnowsky’s EnglHw-shakespeareish advanced course, are giving you a chance to read some wonderful works! Last week, it was our turn to find the Shakespeare in all of us. We wrote sonnets just like Shakespeare did. We are interested in your opinion about our work. Tell us what you think of it!

Now it’s your turn: 

  • Take a pencil!
  • Find your new favorite poem!
  • Like and comment on our works!

Starting on 20th June, the works will be exhibited in the hallway between the art room and the teachers’ room. Remember: We did our best – so please be kind, be fair and don’t be insulting in your comments! We’re looking forward to finding your comments there.

 Kind regards, LK English Q1